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Welcome! to GTC

Hello lovely people!

Welcome to Get That Cheddar, aka GTC.

My name is Shan and I am thrilled to have you here and hope that you get some value out of my content. As someone who was in the hole (debt) several thousands of dollars in my 20s, I managed to pull myself out through strict money management, increasing my income by frequent job hopping, budgeting and investing. I was wiling to do everything within my power to become consumer debt free and here I am, in my mid thirties and so very passionate about personal finance and helping others avoid the money mistakes i made in my mid 20s.

All of my content is based on my own finances, personal experiences and reading A LOT of books. If you think others would find value in the content you are reading, please feel free to share this blog with them, tagging GTC too.

Shan x

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