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The 9 - 5 Grind

Can we just talk about the 9 - 5 grind for a second! Is it just me or does it feel like everyone on socials condemns having a 9 - 5 job thinking EVERYONE wants to be an entrepreneur or the only way to build wealth or get rich is to become a business owner?! I'm writing this blog because contrary to popular belief, I actually think having a 9 to 5 job is the cornerstone to your wealth building journey. Outrageous...I know!

Let's take it back and get some perspective. I've always had a job and worked my way up the ranks. After doing close to a decade in various State and Federal Government roles, In 2020, I decided to move to the private sector, in banking to be specific. This was mostly because I never wanted to be in a managerial role in Government because of all the red tape and in 2020, I realised i had reached the peak of where I could get to working in Government. In an attempt to climb the corporate ladder, I pivoted into banking...which was the best decision I could ever have made. Banking has given me the opportunity to work as an Analyst all the way up to a now Senior Manager level, doubling my salary in only 3 years.

Now, I know many people will argue that if I had become an entrepreneur or a business owner, I could have earned WAY more money if my business had succeeded... and sure that may be true. but I would argue, having my 9 - 5 job gave me access to incredibly intelligent people , mentors, education, on the job training, leadership training, 5 weeks paid annual leave, paid personal leave as well as the opportunity to thrive in a very well supported environment.

Taking the time to become financially literate means I was able to put my six figure salary to good use and invest my money in multiple investment properties over the last three years which now brings me passive income from my various tenants.

If I had not worked a 9 - 5 job and worked my way up to build a career, I would never have been in this position.

So my question is... why is it so bad to have a 9 - 5 job?

No one really talks about the struggles people face being an entrepreneur, and god knows there are a lot of struggles and in many instances businesses actually fail, so is it really so bad that people feel safe having a 9-5 job and choose to build their wealth in other ways?

I actually feel thankful to my 9 - 5 jobs that I was given the opportunity and skills to be where I am in my career and what's its allowed me to achieve both professionally and personally.

Now, I am not saying every job is perfect. There are many elements to what makes a role enjoyable, the key things being culture, feeling safe, the people and leadership. I have found over the years, if I dislike a job but work with good people, I find it easy to 'ride it out' for the sake of experience; on the contrary, where I have worked with awful people or under poor leadership, I have found it a struggle to remain in that job.

Fast forward to 2023, being in a leadership role, I do my best to foster the 'We before Me' mentality with my team, to encourage, support and mentor my staff so they can be the best version of themselves at work and so they can continue to share their ideas, be innovative and work collaboratively together.

I think it's important that you know, if you are in a 9 - 5 job and are happy with that lifestyle, then that is absolutely OK. You do you and cut out the noise.

Remember, not everyones starting position is the same, and just because you enjoy having a 9-5 career, you shouldn't be made to feel bad that working up the ladder in a 9-5 is what you want.

Before we wrap up, I'm keen to know...

Which is you?

  • Love my 9-5, don't want to be an entrepreneur

  • Hate working. My own Biz is the thing for me!

  • Still figuring out my path

Till next week,

Shan x

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