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Dollar Notes




Welcome to Get That Cheddar (GTC). 


My name is Shan and I am the proud founder of GTC. I created this blog to share my own relationship with money and personal finance. After getting myself out of a financial hole, I managed to not only get rid of my thousands of dollar’s worth of debt, but I am also on track to settle my 4th investment property by the age of 35 while simultaneously investing in other asset classes outside of real estate. 


I’ve always had a tumultuous relationship with money and never really knew where to start. I had always heard the term ‘budget’ and ‘investing’ but in all honesty, never really took the time to understand either of them in much detail. It was only when I met my current partner a few years back did I begin to take an interest in personal finance. He literally taught me to budget using an excel spreadsheet, and once I understood the basics – I was hooked! A few years on, I have no bad debt, I actively review my budget a few times per week and ensure I live well within my means. 


So now that I have a genuine love for personal finance and building wealth, I decided to create this blog as a tool to help inform others as well as a reminder of how far I’ve come on my finance journey. 


I hope you enjoy reading my content, and if there is anything specific you’d like me to write about, feel free to shoot me an email. 


The information shared on my site are my own experiences only and should not be taken as financial advice. 




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